Tantric massage Vilnius

Tantric massage in Vilnius

Tantric massage Vilnius – the perfect way to spend the time and the perfect way to relax and forget. Mostly Tantric massage is performed completely naked. Masseuse massage starts from the most tense areas of the body – neck, shoulders, legs, lower back, and prepares your tense body for more intimate massage stage. Tantric massage is performed with delicate and refined hand and body movements. Massage helps to overcome the tension and stress accumulated during the day, as well as promote better blood circulation and stabilizes the body’s function. Gentle massage leads to emotional freedom and a better concentration. This intimate massage evokes sexual energy. Tantric massage it is body to body massage Vilnius.

The massage uses various meditative techniques, synchronized breathing, massaged person will eventually learn how to manage your sexual energy and to delay orgasm. This is a very physically and psychologically enjoyable process. Masseuse uses not only the hands, but the whole body to arouse and awake sexual energy. This energy can lift a person into an ecstatic state. This is an excellent tool for the treatment of stress and anxiety. Tantric massage Vilnius unlocks crimped sexual energy. This massage is suitable for men and women.

It is not just the penis or intimate parts massage, firs of all it is full-body massage. Many think that tantric massage it is only massage with a happy ending, but it depends on the customer, he chooses how massage should end.

Tantric massage benefits

This massage technique has been around for tens of centuries and emerged in India. The main objective was to achieve harmony between man and woman. Since then, this massage technique is very evolved and changed and has become one of the most popular forms of erotic massage all over the world. Tantric massage – it’s the same erotic massage only difference is that Tantric massage main objective is not to achieve orgasm, quite the contrary. Massage with a happy ending is not the main objective, but rather a consequence of tantric massage. It is above all what is an exotic massage Vilnius.

The main benefits of Tantric Massage

Decreased pain

Like many other forms of massage – this massage very effectively reduces pain. Professional masseuse knows all about the body points and stress-reducing techniques. They help customers to fight the pain.

Stress reduction

One does not always highly valued aspect of Tantric massage Vilnius – stress reduction. We live in an age where all experiencing stress, so massage – irreplaceable tool for solving the problems of anxiety and stress control. During the massage the body gets a lot of happiness hormone called endorphin.

Improved blood circulation

Tantra masseuse know the movements and techniques on how to facilitate and promote blood circulation. Improved blood circulation strengthens the immune system and makes you feel good and enjoy every day, it also helps you to live in the moment.

Improved sleep

Another advantage – improved sleep. After Tantric massage people find that picks up the rhythm of sleep. This is achieved through a deep relaxation massage. Deep relaxation time, the body is immersed in the tranquility and relaxation and self-healing state. The improved sleep also affected by breathing technique that is used during the massage.

Increased libido

Tantric massage it is like orgasm with the whole body, it’s very erotic experience. This massage is especially helpful for those who had any sexual problems or injuries. This massage technique is a holistic way to deal with sexual and psychological problems. This is a great alternative medicine with no side effects.