Prostate massage Vilnius

Prostate massage Vilnius

The prostate gland is also called the male G-spot. Every man knows what is orgasm. Orgasm occurs after physical and psychological stimulation reaches its peak. Prostate massage enhances the feeling of orgasm.

This type of massage is used as a stimulant for a deeper and more exciting orgasm enjoyment. Men who have tried prostate massage describes it as a very strong and undiscovered pleasant experience.

Prostate massage Vilnius begins like any other erotic massage. Customer is familiar with masseuse. Initially massaged the muscles of the whole body, and then proceed to the buttocks and thighs, eventually, the whole body is relaxed, comes a series of prostate massage. Prostate massage is also a massage of the penis.

Massage process

The prostate is often described as a man holy point. Prostate massage process is as follows. It begins with the whole body massage. When massaged person relaxes enough, masseuse moves to the inner thigh and moves toward the anus. At this moment the penis already is hard and erect. Masseuse massage penis head with one hand while the other hand massages perineum (the space between the testicles and the anus). It starts an external prostate massage. External massage is also very pleasant, because often men are not tried anything like that.

Prostate massage in Vilnius

By using a special gel masseuse slowly insert two fingers or a special toy into the anus and thus touches directly to the prostate. If it is the first prostate massage you should understand that this is not a penis massage and penis stimulation is not the main focus of the massage. Some massage salons even forbid to touch penis during prostate massage in Vilnius.

Prostate massage Vilnius – a very useful procedure for men. Not just for fun, but also on physical health, especially for those who have prostate problems. Periodic prostate massage significantly reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer and other prostate diseases.

Seemingly it appears that prostate massage is quite simple, but to perform it yourself can be challenging. Therefore it is better to entrust this work to specialists. Prostate massage Vilnius very popular service. More and more massage parlors includes this massage in their range of services. Although the service is relatively new, and many men do not dare to try it, but after trying all agree that it is an extraordinary pleasure.