Erotic massage in Vilnius

Erotic massage Vilnius

Erotic massage Vilnius – very popular service. There are more and more new erotic massage parlors. Vilnius is a heavenly massage usually indulge in the center or in areas near the center. Erotic massage – this is one of several massage techniques, and will be satisfied even the most fastidious gourmand massage. This massage helps to reduce stress, removes tension from the body and helps get rid of bad thoughts and relax every cell from head to toe.

Erotic massage Kaunas – not such a popular service as in the capital. In Kaunas just a few massage parlors can be found, which specializes in erotic massage. Also several massage parlors offers massages with erotic elements. Massage parlors in Kaunas also located closer to the city center. So Kaunas old town sightseeing can be mixed with pleasurable and delightful erotic massage.

Erotic massage is a unique massage that stimulates your sexual energy and evoces sensitivity of touch. This massage technique is suitable for both young and old, regardless of age, sex, family status, sexual orientation or experience. Erotic massage enrich your sex life.

During the massage you will experience a lot of new emotions and a deep relaxation and arousal. Soft massage movements carried out in a professional masseuse and her delicate hands so seductive and sexy. Erotic massage in Vilnius – a great, relaxing and erotic weekend entertainment.

Erotic massage stimulates your sexual appetite. You will be able to feel pleasure as never before. The most common erogenous zones stimulation is the main axis of the massage, but keep in mind that erotic massage is primarily a full body massage. Therefore, everything is done slowly and gradually shift to the more intimate areas massage. Healing touch, will bring unforgettable moments of happiness, pleasure and enrich your sex life.

There are many erotic massage types, from which you can choose: erotic massage, tantric massage (usually carried out by the whole body), erotic massage for couples, erotic massage for women.

Erotic massage at home

There are many ways to improve your sex life, but probably the best and most effective – erotic massagein Vilnius. We can utter a few simple steps to return to your sexual life and playfulness, and your partner will raise to the ninth heaven.

Room preparation

The main thing you need to pay attention in preparation for erotic massage, i.e. the place where you make a massage. Everything is important: room decor, music and scents. Be sure to take care for candles and sexy background music, it will give comfort and intimacy. Get rid of anything that can cause stress, room must be a minimum of items. Be sure there are no phones or laptop computers in the room. It would also be great if you prepare a large towel, which you can spread on the floor, this will ensure the cleanliness of the bedding.

Oils and candles

Erotic massage Vilnius may not live without odors. Odour choice – a very important thing. So choose something that you believe will strengthen the sense of erotic massage. Do not choose a cheap massage oils, better avoid saving money here. Pay few euros more for massage oil. You feel a huge difference between cheap and expensive massage oils.

Prepare yourself

Erotic massage requires comfortable clothing. Put on something sexy, make sure that the body did not reveal any jewelry (rings, bracelets, etc.). Before the massage shower afterwards, apply perfume.

Erotic massage technique

If you are a noob at erotic massage watch some youtube videos with it and learn some magic massage tricks and techniques. We also recommend not to rush during the massage. Everything must go four times slower than in a usual massage. Erotic massage it is full body massage as well, so you can start from the back and shoulders and slowly slowly move to the more intimate parts.

Romantic bath for two

When erotic massage is done, we recommend to take a bath with your partner. Use candles and bath foams. Gently cleanse each other. You will feel great and elevated after the massage, and the passion between you and your partner will be stronger.