„Monsier“ erotic massage parlor


A small but cozy erotic massage parlor located in the Northern town (Šiaurės miestelis) of Žukausko str. 26. You can get regular erotic massage in Vilnius, Tantric massage or erotic body massage. Good looking girls will evoke passions by taking off their outerwear. The gentle and pleasant touches of the girl’s body will rise to the top of the pleasure.

Four-hand massage is also available.

There are also programs for bachelor parties.



Žukausko g. 26, Vilnius

I-V: 1000 – 2200, VI 1100 – 2300



1 žvaigždutė2 žvaigždutės3 žvaigždutės4 žvaigždutės5 žvaigždutės (34 balsai, vidutinis įvertinimas: 3.24 iš 5)

  • Glamor exotic – 60min
  • Glamor exotic + shower – 70min (shower with girl before and after the procedure)
  • Glamor double exotic – 70min
  • Express shower – 30min (shower with girl before and after the procedure)
  • Passion exotic + shower – 90min (shower with girl before and after the procedure)

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